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Quinta of Pindela is a property with aproximately 80 hectares, it is located in Minho and occupies de valley of the village of S. Tiago da Cruz, which is 5 km from the city of Vila Nova de Famalicão. It has got good road access, you can either use your national N14 rad or the A3 Highway. It is a typical Minhota farm, with a forest containing a great variety of tree species, some of which are quite rare and one hundred years old. It has also got 20 hectares of cultivated land and vine, with grapes of regional white wine. The main house has a chapel and a wine cellar with 2 granite lagares, a barn with wooden olive bins has undergone many reconstruction works throughout the years. It has got a beautiful garden, dated to the 19th centuary, with a lake and two fountains, and is crossed by an aqueduct which supplies the house with water, which is located in an underground deposit, and this water comes from various springs which are found in the forest. 

Besides the traditional activities of a farm of this region, it has got various houses of farm managers, one has been total restored, and is already open for tourism and another is being restored. We are also involved in new instructive projects, which are open to the public in general.













Casa do Soutelo - EntradaCASA de SOUTELO


It is an old and attractive agricultural country house of the 17th Century, with predominant features of northern Portugal. It once served as the house for the caretakers of Solar de Pindella. It is situated in an estate of approximately 80 hectares occupying an entire valley.  It is 5km from the city of Vila Nova de Famalicão, 15 minutes, walking distance, from the village of São Tiago da Cruz, 15 km from Braga, 30 kms from Porto and 45 minutes from various beaches and golf courses.

Quarto de HóspedesThe restoration of the house started two years ago. It is surrounded by walls, which provide the ideal atmosphere necessary for relaxing peacefully and for perfect isolated weekends, with family and friends. It is open during the entire year.The house is warm because it is south facing, however it has got a central heating system.

It consists of 3 bedrooms each furnished with two individual single beds, 3 bathrooms/WCs, a Living Room with a television and a warming fireplace in front of the coffee table, a Dinning Room and a Kitchen completely furnished with all the necessary supplies. It has also got a patio and a porch which serves as a garage and a view to the forest of the property in which it is located. In the backyard you will find a small garden with a pool.  

The guests will have access to various activities available at Casa do Soutelo. We can supply Dinners, Traditional Regional Picnics, with dairy products made locally (wine, cheeses, jam, etc.).Sala de Soutelo

 We can organise guided tours of the property and give you the possibility of doing a photographic hunt to get acquainted with the fauna and the vast flora available in the forest. We provide horseback riding for adults and ponies for the children. The owners can also suggest alternative itineraries, like small trips to interesting sites normally unknown; recommend restaurants in the vicinity, etc.

Pets are allowed. The house is unfortunately not adapted for disabled. We sell and exhibit regional craftsmanship (typical embroidery of the region).











History of the House 


This house has been in the family for 600 years, the first owner, João Afonso Prado, purchased it in 1442. The entailment was instituted in 1526 by the first proprietor’s godson, Luis de Carvalho.    

The oldest architectural document of the house dates back to 1550. The areas indicated, in the initial plans, have been maintained throughout the years, it was big enough to house 12 children and servants of Simão Pinheiro. The house was built obeying to the ‘Manuelino’ style.  

The chapel was built in 1661 under the invocation of The Immaculate Conception, Portugal’s patron saint. This initiative is of the responsibility of the 5th descendant, João Pinheiro Lobo which was murdered.  The chapel, with one nave, has many details of the romantic style.   

In the end of the 19th Century, Vicente Pinheiro Lobo Machado de Melo e Almada was a distinct diplomat and responsible for the modernization of Pindela, and built a tower with beautiful windows, almost ‘manuelina’ style, the roofs were brown, the fireplaces and bathrooms very innovative for the époque and had a magnificent panel of 18th century tiles.

 The forest which you can find in the quinta and the garden designs are of the responsibility of the 14th owner, João Afonso Simão Pinheiro Lobo da Figueira Machado. All the restoration and modernization of the farming was done by the son and current family member, Vicente Maria Miguel Bernardo Pinheiro Lobo da Figueira Machado.

This is the history of the house that has kept the family united for centuries, devoted to their country. Some of the family members were excellent soldiers and cavalrymen, diplomats and famous writers. The story of the house and it’s family is written in the book ‘O Morgadio de Pindela’, edition of 1999 and the author is João Afonso Machado.










You will find a very ancient Quinta, with a vast history. The natural world is the most enriching environment in its evolution and development, because we have got good areas, motivation and a team made up by agricultural technicians and pedagogues with renown credits, we have decided to provide the children with enriching moments of contact with nature, the vegetable world and the great animal world in its life cycle. We do not only want to offer entertainment and occupation for free time, we want to go further, we would like it if the children could enjoy their discovery of nature and fall in love with her to learn and respect her. Children can appreciate the simple things like running in the fields listening to the birds sing, play with lambs, look at the cows and horses, smell the grass and flowers see an enormous tree and next to it a very small one, feel the rough trunks, look at the clouds that run, get to know the field. How many children can do this? They can do it if their parents and teachers allow it, contact to us and we will adapt the visits to every request or theme that is being studied at school. Our proposal is to provide the encounter with certain activities and landscapes at the Quinta, such as:

 – A vegetable garden where they can dig, hoe, plant, to water, etc. and accompany the growth of the plants;

  – Pick the various fruit available (oranges, lemons, prunes, raspberries, etc.) or participate in the grape harvest;

  – A flock of goats, a milking room, the little buck in the winter and make cheese:

  – Horses being taken care of in the field, ride ponies in the riding school and clean the horse boxes;

  – A forest with enormous trees and small plants to classify, a world full of animals to be studied.


            Visiting times are from 9h30 to 12h30 daily, from Monday to Friday, and visits should be schedule beforehand. The groups are organised by age, from 3 to 13 year olds.

The products of the Quinta

              This property commercialises some of its own agricultural products, fruit (oranges, lemons, prunes, persimmons, raspberries, strawberries, kiwis, nuts and chestnuts). We grow grapes to produce wine and various vegetable products. Occasionally, we produce fodders for animal feed. We have got a flock of sheep where we get our milk to produce cheese and the ewes provide meat, we can also supply chicken. From our great forest and gardens it is possible to obtain, small treats, bushes and foliage for flower arrangements and gardens. The forest can also supply wood (eucalyptus, pine, oak, chestnut and different species of acacias).








Holiday Camp 

 “Some days at Pindella”

             1. We call it “some days at Pindella”

            2. We do not only have a profitable interest in this camp, but also a pedagogical preoccupation of reaching out to the youth and adolescents, awakening and giving value to what is natural, simple and truthful, something that cannot be bought, and at the same time they are resting and having fun.

            We supply the space, tents, kitchen and appliances and your basic sanitary requirements.

            We do not have monitors and we do not provide food.

            3. The farm provides the initiation to horseback riding at our school and a tour through our forest.

            We help as much as possible with the activities prepared by the monitors. The children can also participate in agricultural tasks, i.e. make bread, take care of the horses, etc. of the monitors agree.

            The farm has enough space, so you can include in your programme animation games, volley ball tournaments, badminton, hunting for the treasure, etc.

            The responsibility for organising this games at the “days in Pindella” is totally of the monitor of the group (as well as accompanying the children, day and night)..


            The camp has a person responsible for the house, Francisco, he is responsible for the horseback riding, and accompanying the stroll through the woods and is at the groups disposal.

            We allow a maximum of 20 children and 2 monitors.

            The groups should be constituted by children of 10, 12, 13 and 14 years old. However if at school a child is 13 and is included in the group of 12, then she/he should accompany the children of the group of 12.

            The duration of the camp should be of one week, starting on Sunday afternoon and departing on the following Saturday afternoon.

            The cost per child is €100, and the payment should be made by cheque in the name of Sociedade Agrária da Casa de Pindella.

            If a child cannot attend due to financial problems, this situation should be explained with some anticipation, so that it can be resolved so that the child should be able to attend the outing with all the other children.

            Upon enrolment, which will be done in the presence of the monitor, each child should hand in a photocopy of their ID card, vaccination certificate, and beneficiary card and a photograph (if possible).

            If any child should need any special care, this should be informed upon enrolment..

            Each child should bring their sleeping bag, mat, towel, pocket lantern, personal hygiene products, etc. We recommend they bring old clothes and comfortable shoes, hat and a sweater for the evening.

            You should not forget the food.


            1st Group – from 1st June to 7th June

            2nd Group – from 8th June to 14th June

            3rd Group – from 15th June to 21st June

            4th Group – from 22nd June to 28th June

            5th Group – from 29th June to 5h July

            6th Group – from 6th July to 12th July

            7th Group – from 13th July to 19th July

            8th Group – from 20th July to 26th July

            9th Group – from 31st August to 6th September

            How to get there:

            The ideal transport is by car or mini bus, if it is a big group.

            However, until Vila Nova de Famalicão there are many bus companies with many different timetables.

            Once you arrive at Vila Nova de Famalicão you should follow the National Road, nº 14 in direction to Braga. After leaving Famalicão, approximately 2 km later you turn left, at a sign that says Mouquim/Tarrio. You follow a stone road until you find Quinta de Tarrio, here you turn right and follow the tar road for approximately 500m. You will find a stonewall with some post boxes, you turn once more to your right, follow on a dirt road, until you find the gate of the Quinta.


            Useful information:

            Vila Nova de Famalicão has a hospital and a health centre

            It is easy to buy food.

            Director of the project — Ana Isabel Pindella

            Coordenator — Francisco Pindella — Tlm: 96 4833725  








Activities that the support the Quinta

            The Quinta has got specialized technicians (agricultural engineers, zootechnic, agrarian technicians, oenologists) who can give counselling on various topics (caprine culture, equine culture, animal nutrition in general, pastures fodder plantations, horticulture, viticulture e oenology). The Quinta has a small house; its area was recently recovered and is being used as a school. The teaching staff has got proper qualifications to teach in various areas, having already been approved a training course on gardening. We are at your disposition to make protocols with universities, institutes and organizations, which want to take advantage of the forest, the fauna and the flora, which can be found at the Quinta.

 Recreation Activities

Cavalos de Recreioa) Horses 

We have got stables, horses and ponies for recreational activities. We possess boxes and horse riding school to rent. We can provide a quote for rental purposes, which will include all treatments, feeding and caring for the animals. The guest can use the riding school to train and take advantage of the Quinta to take a walk. On the other hand if you do not own a horse we can provide one and you can exploit our equestrian routes, the payment depends on the track chosen and the duration. The Quinta possess small ponies for children enjoyment. In both cases a member of the Quinta, responsible for the animals accompanies them and, therefore, beforehand booking is required. The Quinta provides riding lessons and treating courses during the summer period, with a minimum of 10 students.

Criação de Cães b) Dogs

The Quinta has occasionally got Beagles and Basset Hound breads, with pedigree registration. We have dogs to bread (Setting Dog). We offer an area, which can be rented for dog training (hunting and/or obedience) and animal releasing.










Phone/fax nº: +351 252911204

         Cell nº: +351 966533259

                             +351 964833725  

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